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Welcome to the User Management System (UMS) for CIGRE's Knowledge Management System (KMS).

CIGRE's Knowledge Management System (KMS) is where CIGRE Study Committees (SC), Working Groups (WG) and National Committees (NC) and various other groups can share information, discuss and collaborate on their activities using collaborative-tools

The KMS provides a “Space” for each group which is accessed using the User’s individual secure personal login. Access to a Space is requested through this UMS facility and subject to the Space Owner or Secretary approval.

New User accounts can only be created by a Space Owner or Secretary sending an invitation with a secure registration link that is valid for 72 hours.

In many cases, participation in SC, WG or NC groups is subject to official nomination so please contact your Study Committee or National Committee for information on how to register and which Spaces and level of Permissions would be appropriate to your interests please refer to for more information. Access to Spaces is for active contribution to the groups and not to satisfy general curiosity, so please choose groups wisely to avoid access Denial.

This UMS is the facility for registered Users of the KMS to maintain their own personal profile:

  • Reset your password (secure link is sent to both your registered email addresses)
  • Update your details and request access to Spaces (an automatic alert is sent to the relevant Space Owners)

This UMS facility is also used by Users holding Owner Permission or Secretary Permission to a Space to:

  • Create secure links to invite new Users to register
  • Approve/Deny User access to their Space
  • Manage the Users' access levels within their Space

N.B Menu items on this page are enabled according to the rights associated with your personal login.

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